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The packaging itself is a standard 2 disc case with the hubs on opposite sides of each other. The cover has the Akiyuki/Xamd carrying an unconscious Nakiami with stones starting to appear on her and his arm while a shocked looking Haru stands on the right side. There is a yellow rain and goo falling/covering Akiyuki/Xamd arm and Nakiami while a couple other Xamd and smoke can be seen behind them with the logo on the lower right hand side. It seems that the guys at LG have taken their time and in fact listened to the fans and fixed most of the issues the original Chocolate had. But there are a good number of them left and the Chocolate's big brother raises some new ones for sure. Our greatest criticism last year was the phonebook - the software part that got almost all upgrades it needs so we are pretty happy with it now. Again, any such flexing of designer muscle has long been a part of the Versace DNA. This, remember, is the name credited with creating the supermodel phenomenon way back when. While Versace's competitors were content with just one ultra-famous face -- a strategically placed Linda Evangelista, say, or Naomi Campbell -- Gianni Versace showed them how it was done by paying huge amounts of money to employ them all.. I was skeptical at first when I saw the very catchy and clever TV ad showing Sofia take off a garment only to morph into another woman, then ultimately back to Sofia. The ad depicted different women, different heights, and different sizes. And the clothes looked great on all of them. Anything which can be used as a domestic product to bring up the child always gets the thumbs up! So, you are free to pick up special bibs, bath sets, bedding sets and other stuff which are manufactured for taking care of the babies. Alternatively, you can also think of purchasing gift baskets. These are unique baby presents since they are nicely decorated with a gamut of catchy products containing different items. With the recent news that Lady GaGa may be suffering from the debilitating effect of lupus, the disease is receiving a lot of attention right now. Lupus, which can manifest in a wide variety of symptoms, is currently incurable but Khanna believes that her adherence to a strong daily program of yoga combined with healthy ayurvedic foods has helped her to keep the disease in remission. Without a complete turnaround in her life, Khanna believes that she would have had to give up her successful fashion lines, Rudrani International and Estilo, Inc.

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